By: Sup3r87 & Logan K
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Made for summer flowjam 2023

Jam theme: The five elements

Got thoughts about our game? We'd love to hear them! https://community.flowlab.io/t/envoy-summer-flowjam-2023/40553?u=sup3r87

Like the game's music? Listen to it on the internet for free without ads or a login: https://audio.com/logan-kinoshita/collections/envoy

Play as a small, defenseless cargo ship, created as an envoy by a mysterious monolith. Do we have time to explain why? No. Do you need to complete your mission now? Yes.

In Envoy, your goal is to deliver the five force crystals back to the monolith, while being chased down by the local system authorities. Every crystal you deliver unlocks a new ability for you to use. There's probably a reason why locals are trying to stop you, but there's no time to waste on your mission.

Envoy is the first sup3r87 games project to feature not only sprite stacking but also voice acting! With awesome visual effects, superb music, riveting gameplay, and an array of abilities and difficulty settings, Envoy is a game anyone on any computer can enjoy.


F: Toggle fullscreen

M: Toggle audio

Left click: Boost forward (rotate the ship by moving the mouse cursor)


Magnetism: Gain a huge speed and maneuverability boost by pressing 1. Be careful not to hit asteroids when going at such high speeds.


Energy: Gain a short-lived shield that blocks all damage and debuff effects by pressing 2. The shield doesn't last long so make it count!


Light: Go faster than light and instantly teleport forward with spacebar. You can use it to dodge projectiles or teleport right past an asteroid you were about to slam into.


Gravity: Harness the gravitational force and instantly destroy all projectiles by pressing 3. Useful if you're about to be hit by a big laser, or when things get chaotic.


Time: Bend time inside enemy ships to drastically slow their speed by pressing 4. but beware, they can still fire at you, even from very far away.


Jackson "sup3r87" C.

Programming, art, & design.

Logan K.

Audio design, production, & assisting programming.

Gabriel "netebaG" T.

Voice acting.


Game cover art.

Awesome people on the flowlab discord server who helped make this game possible:





Lyndon bork


JR 01 for the orbit, spritestacking, homing missile and a few other extremely useful bundles.

Deep-fold for their awesome background generator I used to make the framework for the full game background.

Jon Topielski for their super cool sprite stack viewer (life saver!).

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