Copy of Elementally, My Dear Watson.




Mrs. Hudson, faithful and intrepid Housekeeper and Landlord of 221 Baker St. London, is in for a most horrific shock! Help her complete the puzzles to collect 5 CHEMICAL ELEMENT TILES from the Periodic Table. You have 10 minutes to point-and-click your way around the apartment to gather clues and items. Combine them together in the inventory or use them on items in the apartment to gain access to more things.

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Game Design and Art - todorrobot

Additional Programming - JR01

Music - Baconcat008

TIPS: (spoilers?)

  1. The inventory doesn't always tell you when you've collected an item by clicking on it. Check the inventory tab to see if you've collected anything new.

  2. You can use an inventory item by grabbing it from inventory and dragging it into the game screen. The placement of the item isn't as important as which footstep you are on.

  3. You can also combine items by dragging them on top of each other within the inventory. This is necessary for several puzzles.

  4. Read the inventory descriptions. They are short, but some of them contain hints.

  5. You can exit a close-up by clicking on it. You can also (and will need to) use items on these close ups.

  6. You will need the sound on for at least one puzzle.


  1. There is an invisible time limit of 10 minutes. Some police are supposed to show up and haul you away for MURDER. Apparently, I forgot to hook it up to go to the level and it just freezes. You can see the "bad" ending if you select the level in the editor.

  2. The footstep proximities are finicky. if something isn't working like you think it should, try it from a different set of footprints or see if you need to combine an item before use.

  3. A lot of the interactions are blocked by the inventory due to camera issues. But it's still playable.

HINTS: (definitely spoilers)

  1. The goal of the game is to collect 5 element tiles by solving the puzzles in the apartment. You should be able to figure out where to put them. The order of the tiles is not important.

  2. First step should be collecting as many items as you can.

  3. The first puzzles you can solve is the fireplace or the skull

  4. The skull has two uses.

  5. The chemistry table requires 6 items and they must be placed in the correct order as shown in the plans.

  6. Two puzzles require in-game clues to solve. You probably won't be able to brute force them if you don't find the solutions.

  7. The matches were originally for a puzzle involving the oil lamp on the table that never got finished. I think the matches can be used on the fireplace, but i don't remember if that was working in the final submission.

  8. I'll give more hints to people who get stuck on the forums or discord.