Taile Gamougg 1


FYI: the classic and anniversary versions of this game are no longer supported. They are no longer canon either.

The year is 2003, and a young undead skeleton man is exploring the cosmos on Halloween looking to get some candy before the night ends. Until his night is interrupted by an unseen boy who's such a poor loser that he sends his menagerie of bizarre thugs to enact a ridiculous plan to ease down the costume contest competition instead of fixing the skill issues that made him lose in the first place. The skeleton, who is named Gamougg, gets caught in the crossfire of a spooky gang war and must survive to save the day, Halloween candy be damned.

In this brand new reboot of the terrible hit Taile Gamougg series, follow Gamougg as he tries to survive a spooky kooky spoopy gang war and save the day.

Other controls are in game

Navigation Controls:

Level select music by Artem Hramushkin from Pixabay