Newer Game


Caution! Levels will take a bit of time to load, but they ARE loading! Please be patient!

Newer game

Made for a university project.

Every flowlab user creates their first game with the same sprites; the tiled grass blocks, the spinning saws, the red-nosed boy character, and a blue background. The "New game", which is the default name given to new projects, is somewhat of an infamous staple in flowlab. Every flowjam competition, a few games with these sprites, this name and the default code blocks are submitted, despite not adhering to the theme at all.

What then, would happen if actual, genuine effort was put into this "New game"? What if actual love, juice, animation, design, and artwork was put into it? What would it become?

Newer game is an experiment I performed on myself, where I tasked myself to use the default sprites, music, code, everything, and then make an actual good game with it. It was an idea sitting in the back of my head, but thanks to the green light from my college professor, I was given the chance to make this idea a reality. Enjoy!!!


Made for Michigan State University.

Jackson Cartwright: Most programming, artwork & design.

Flowlab audio library: Music, sound FX.

Flowlab default sprite sheet: Much of the base, non-animated artwork.

Samuel PixelPizza: Pre-processed artwork for some UI.

Langston Key: Playtesting.

A very special thanks to my family tree for letting me go down this career path despite the suburban sentiment that "Video games are evil" (lol).