Cosmic Rift 2: Way Back Home? [Demo V2|Paused Update]


BIG THANK FOR Sup3r87 & Logan K because the transition and mouse click, it help the gameplay better. And also so sorry if you guy don't like it. (Repeat it again to let you guy know and sorry if I let you guy mad about it. I wanted to ask you guy first but the device I use to make game is the laptop of my school so I can't downloaded discord to asking yall. I'm so sorry.)

About this Cosmic Rift Part 2:

Wander, our old friend had been went through an adventure in another dimension to return home, but it seemed that portal had left him stranded in another dimension once again, even more worst when it's a dungeon. On the way... &@^*#@&^#. (No one can know the truly future and the new war can be take down the world anytime and anywhere).

Main Game Play:

Help Wander control his power to fight back the enemies trap him in the dungeon and find the way out to come back his real home, the planet HMT-1093.

What new in part of the game?

Well, still the same but more and easier to competently skills, also more annoying enemy, why not :)