Cosmic Rift 3: The End of Chaos (Test V2)


New Plot Cosmic Rift 3: The End of Chaos.

After get out the dimension that he was stuck before, Wander now came back to the planet HMT-1093, his nice "home" and he remembered his old name, D-30, one of the next Derong General. As he went back at his old planet that he was live, there's a war declaration from the other planet and have the same life form like his planet, GWT-264. This declaration happened 1 year ago at the time D-30 still stuck in the other dimension. All the army doesn't have enough soldiers to stop this battle and the enemy will be repeat what they did in the past, taking over the planet, turning innocent people into slaves, and taking over all the technology we have. Know that will happen, D-30 immediately risked his life in battle, and now, you're here to help and direction in this chaos time.