Super Smash Bros (Flowlab Engine)

By: Luminous
6442 Plays

A demo for how a Super Smash Bros. game might work in Flowlab. Includes 2-player modes and a simple solo-player Master Hand battle (in Final Destination).

P1: Arrow Keys to move. N for damage attack, M for launch attack.

P2: WAD to move. E for damage attack, R for launch attack.

All players can jump multiple times in the air!


Food: restores 5 Stamina.

Spicy Curry: shoot 7 fireballs in succession.

Speed Boost: Gain a small but permanent speed boost.

Invisibility Juice: Makes you un-launchable for 7 seconds!

Invert Controls: Temporarily inverts opponent's left / right controls, before switching back without warning.

Cart of boxes: P1 can press DOWN, and P2 can press S to spawn boxes.

SMASH BALL: Use your launch attack button to activate your Ultimate!

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