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The Graveyard

By: Latif
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Halloween 2017 game. Shoot at skeletons and don't let them kill you. Beat your highscore, get bones and buy new characters in this fun arcade game!

Skeleton types:

Spawn from graves:

Skeleton: the default skeleton, just follows you to kill you.
Gun skeleton: holds a gun, shoots only once when he comes out of his grave. Then slowly follows you to kill you.
Bomb skeleton: holds a bomb, runs really fast, tries to drop the bomb near you and run away. When you shoot him before he's near you he'll drop his bomb immediately and dies.
Guard skeleton: holds a shield which has 3 hitpoints. When the shield breaks it's just a default skeleton.
Electric skeleton: A fast skeleton. Teleports behind you when you try to shoot him (only once).

Spawn in air:

Skeleton box: When the box is above you it will fall on the ground. A skeleton will come out of the box. Surprise!
Air balloon: Just flies in the sky and drops bombs, but it doesn't follow you.


Use the arrow keys or W, A and D to move (change in mode select screen). hold space to shoot
press shift to shoot a mega bullet. A mega bullet can go through everything so destroys everything. You can only do this once every game.

In-game music:

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