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Welcome to the Adventure of Derpy! Thank you for playing and leave a like if you do! This is a trial for a much bigger game: Adventure of Derpy: Complete Saga. Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Click the space bar to double-jump when in midair. Click jump and double-jump simultaniously for a high jump. Goals: Make it to the end of the world! Kill Cosmic Derpy!

Extra Goals: Collect all the coins! HINT: Look on top of the dungeon. (115 Coins in all) Kill all enemies!

Cosmic Derpy: Every three Seconds will attack with one Monster, two Monsters, a Robo Bat, or a Floor Spike. Contact will not hurt you. Jump on his head 5 times to kill him and win! Every 10 seconds Cosmic Derpy will activate a boost. That boost will activate a three jumps, with one second intervals. Every eleven seconds will activate three P50 Boosts, with one second intervals.

Good luck and have fun!

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