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Welcome to the Adventure of Derpy, Dimension Battle! Thank you for playing and leave a like if you do! This is a trial for a much bigger game: Adventure of Derpy: Complete Saga. Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Click the space bar to double-jump. Goals: Make it to the end of the world! Kill Cosmic Derpy!

Extra Goals: Collect all the coins! (12 Coins in all) Kill all enemies!

Cosmic Derpy Lvl. 3: Every three Seconds will attack with one Monster, a Robo Bat and Monsters, a Robo Bat, or a Floor Spike. Contact will not hurt you. Jump on his head 5 times to kill him and win! Every 10 seconds Cosmic Derpy will activate a boost. That boost will activate a three jumps, with one second intervals. Every eleven seconds will activate three P50 Boosts, with one second intervals.

Good luck and have fun!

Project originally cloned from THE ADVENTURE OF DERPY: SKY SAGA
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