Super Mario Bros. The Flowlab Edition Beta

12298 Plays

Left and Right: Move

Up: Jump

Down: Crouch/Enter Pipe

Z: Victory Pose

X: Run (Mario, Super Mario) /Fire for Fire Mario/Yoshi's Tongue

R: At Tutorial Beginning, Boot to Actual Game

C: Exit Yoshi

A: Cappy (Super Mario)

Imagine this game to be the buggiest concept of a 13-year-old's Super Mario Bros adventure. Then that's what you have here. This is a unfinished game, however it goes to show what a young version of myself is capable of doing when he put his mind to it. Please try this out, as this can be considered a rage, confusion, and strange game to play, but one that could maybe be updated :----0 (idk, maybeeee).

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Credit: Randomtalkingbush, Niko

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