Super Mario Bros. The Flowlab Edition Beta

4748 Plays

Left and Right: Move

Up: Jump

Down: Crouch/Enter Pipe

Z: Victory Pose

X: Run (Mario, Super Mario) /Fire for Fire Mario/Yoshi's Tongue

R: At Tutorial Beginning, Boot to Actual Game

C: Exit Yoshi

A: Cappy (Super Mario)

(2/26/19) I'm sorry but I have lost availability to communicate to anyone on Flow-lab Forums. It is nothing wrong with the website, mind you. I also can hardly update this darn game because my subscription ran out. If you post a question or comment on the forums, I cannot answer nor see them. Yours truly, Captain Red Crab (PS I'm back... 8/16/19)

Note: This game took hours and hours each day just to reach this far, please leave a like so I know I doing well. It really motivates me and probably others if you supports people's efforts. You may or may not know how hard it is to do this all by myself! If you wish to help with the game, click the link below at the bottom, not the very bottom. If Mario is emitted into a object and is stuck, just reset the map, it is something I cannot fix at the moment. Also, this game has a collection of songs from other Super Mario games and Fan-made 8-bit remixes!

I want to thank those who supported me in my efforts in making this game. Though it is not completed (it probably never will be!), it was still an honor to bring the one of the best versions of Super Mario Bros to Flowlab. Thank you to the people who created the images, music, characters, or anything used in this game. All of these things are also not mine and were borrowed only for the purpose of creativity and public enjoyment. Super Mario Bros belongs to Nintendo, not to myself or anyone else! Neither are the hidden Namco characters mine. Those who would like to share their opinions or ideas, click here to go the Forum for this game.

If you would like to speak with me personally, as long as it is for good reasons and good reasons alone, you can contact me at this email address.

Credit: Randomtalkingbush, Niko

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