CUBED (Demo Version)

By: Greggo
224956 Plays


Left and Right (A and D Key) - Left and Right Arrows/Stick to walls

Jump (W Key) - Up Arrow

Go To Title Screen - T Key

Reset Game - R Key

Change Skin - Space Bar

Cubed is a trial and error game where you must learn to adapt to different platforming scenarios. As you get frustrated (Because I'm sure you will), you can change into 1 of 10 different skins when you press the space bar.

I gotta say, I enjoyed every minute of making this game and I really love the outcome. Thank you to my friends who supported the production of this game. The full version is currently on, you can head there by clicking the in-game link. The full version has 20 levels, a small time trial feature, and will be receiving minigames in a future update.

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