Plants vs zombies Mini (flowlab edition) (ver.1.0)

236 Plays

Today's challenge

  • No planting peashooters
  • You can plant puffshroom by pressing [ D ]


(arrowkeys to move)
(W to shoot a giant pea {cost 300)
(space to plant peashooter)
(F to plant sun flower)
(Z to plant Iceberg lettuce)
(click on a lawn mower to activate it)
(D to plant a puff-shroom)

Hold S and click on a plant to activate it's plant food effect (3 uses)

VER 0.1

  • added peashooters
  • added zombies

VER 0.2

  • added lawn mowers
  • added suns

VER 0.3

halloween background * added pumpkins

VER 0.4

  • changed the zombies' health and speed
  • wave changes overtime

VER 0.5

  • added the plants almanac
  • added the main menu
  • added the props zombie

VER 0.6

  • added sunflowers (plantable)
  • added puff shrooms
  • changed peashooter

Ver 0.6

  • added challenge mode
  • added giga pea ability

34 Plays! :D

VER 0.7

  • added Iceberg lettuce
  • added snowball ability
  • added Snow blocks (enemy)
  • zombies can now be frozen :)
  • added PLANT FOOD

VER 0.8

  • added torch wood
  • added snapdragon
  • added FIRE!
  • added gifts

VER 0.9

  • added Zomboss

VER 1.0

  • Zomboss now functions
  • Zomboss can now shoot fire balls


  • added "All stars zombie"
  • removed "snowball"
  • you can now plant "puff shroom"(D)
  • temporarily changed the zombies' attire for the update

added an all star wave just in-case the late-game pea shooters are everywhere becomes boring

My high score

  • timer at 912
  • was cut short by massive waves D:

1.3 Easter Update!

  • Added the easter egg
  • Changed some sprites to look festive
  • peashooters can now shoot upon being planted for extra damage
  • Giving mercy to people who actually plays the challenge mode by spawning a gift [small chance]
  • Plant food is now obtainable
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