Robby (infinite levels!) [ALPHA]

By: cut creations
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controls: use the arrow keys to move and use space to shoot enemies after you grab a gun. rules: grab the keys to unlock doors, the keys have to match the doors or it will not work. you also will have to run away from enemies like robby, they are gonna chase you and place traps that will stun you for 3 seconds. updates & releases: robby chapter1 has been released! traps, now your enemies can place traps for an advantage! Chapter2! chapter 2 has been released! This update also includes: guns, now you can use guns to sow robby down for 5 seconds! New robby, now there is robby 2.0 in chapter2! Chapter 3! Includes: custom robby cursor, robby as a boss, secret cut scene afer boss and a chapter select! Bot pass: now there is a bot pass! now you can look at all the creators bot ideas! Arcade mode: arcade mode got added! space to shoot and survive as long as you can! drop survival: dodge the particles and survive as long as you can! infinite levels: there is now infinite levels added to robby! pass as many levels and survive for as long as you can! notes: your enemies will only jump when they hit the side of an object. that means they can not go on high places unless they place a trap for support. there is only 100 seconds time before you lose in chapter1. thats because it's a short chapter, and that doesn't mean that all the chapters will have 100 seconds. After you complete a level, you will be taken back to the main menu so u can skip to any level after selecting chapter 1 or 2 Keep in mind that this game could have bugs.

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