The Invasion of the Evil Mushrooms


When the evil mushrooms took over the land of video games, our brave character set out to fight the Grand Mushroom Overlord to get rid of the evil mushrooms once and for all. Don't go rushing in there though. Mushroom minions have been released and have placed spikes everywhere. Use the arrow keys to move, or press the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Jump on the mushroom minions to turn them into coins. Jumping on the mushroom minions will add to your score. Careful, though. Touching the mushrooms or the spikes will bring you back to the start without your coins or your score, reviving the mushroom minions. Your goal is to collect as many coins as possible and get rid of as many mushroom minions as possible. And of course, defeat the boss. Good luck! Oh, and did I mention, you can fly?