Combat Car Journey: Through the Dimensions

By: The Kodex
870 Plays

Keyboard Controls:

Arrow Keys or WASD to move

Q / Click To Shoot

Space to interact with objects

R To go back to the Last Checkpoint

T to stomp

I to Reload level

B to Dash

G to Toggle Shooting Style

(H to decline)

K to reset Checkpoints

P to Zoom In

Controler Controls:

Left Stick to move left and right

A or X (Playstation) to Jump

R2 or Right Trigger to shoot (Not Finished)

X or Square (Playstation) to interact with objects

Y or Triangle (Playstation) To go back to the Last Checkpoint

R1 or Right Shoulder Button to Stomp

L1 or Left Shoulder Button to Dash

The Story:

The Combat Car was just a simple vehicle trying to live peacefully in his homeworld by jumping over rivers and spikes until he found portals and wormholes appear from no-where. As this was unusual he drove through it and found himself in the middle of a multiverse-threatening plot schemed by the maniacal Jade Overlord!

Drive, Shoot, and jump through the different strange dimensions as they take you on a journey throughout the limitless multiverse as you travel through dimensions to stop the Jade Overlord from reaching his goal of universal dominance!

This game is a reboot of the popular original game of the same name. The Original:

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