Doctor Kevin Boxy - The Game

25 Plays


  • WASD to move
  • Spacebar to shoot
  • Shift to super jump
  • E for special attack (Currently Unemplemented)
  • More to come?


Join Dr. Kevin Boxy, PHD, on his journey to stop the evil Captain Brown Cow (Alias MooMoo) from creating an army of chocolate milk men and destroying the world as we know it!


  • Boss Hunt

Fight boss after boss and collect coins in the process, so that you can upgrade your character!

  • Campaign

Follow the main game story and defeat the evil Captain BrownCow!

  • Waves

Defeat loads of enemies wave after wave! Can you beat my hight score?

  • Online PvP (WIP)

Fight other players and may the best box win!

Other Notes


OrangePeel (Original Creator)

This game is ultimately one big massive inside joke, but I will make it into a real thing by replacing textures and sounds and story later

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