Growing Vengence

By: The Kodex
766 Plays

-- Controls --

WASD or Arrow Keys to Move

Space to do a Melee attack

Q to do a Ranged attack

I to do a Heavy attack

P to Zoom

L to Pause

R to kill yourself

Click on Soil Patches to grow them

-- Bugs --

Obviously, because this was created in 2 weeks there are bound to be bugs and things that I cannot fix until the winner of this Flowjam is announced. With that in mind, here is a list of things that don't work:

  • The End of the Demo Alert does not send the user back to the main menu, sorry for the inconvenience.

  • The Exit button in the pause menu does not work, so please try do not use it and instead close the tab or go into the editor and go onto the Main Menu Level.

  • The Friction is weird the first time you play, please Press "ESC" Twice to undo this and it should be fine.

  • Don't attempt to play on a Chromebook / phone as the game has a massive hub which takes forever to load, lags and has to be played on a powerful device.

-- Other --

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