Team Super Blocky Racing

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Made by ShadowGaming and Darian K


Racers from each elemental world have been invited to partake in the team racing event of the century. But they soon realize that everything might not be what it seems...


WAD to move, Z to Accept Item Box from teammate, X to decline item box from teammate, P to Offer an item box to your teammate, O to use item.

Offering an Item Box:

Send item boxes you don't need to your teammates. When your teammates icon is blue, they do not have an item so you are able to offer them an Item, when it is red, they do have an Item so you are not able to offer them an Item Box.


Seeker: Targets the player in front of you and makes them spin out.

Boost: Gives you a short speed boost.

Laser: Shoots a Laser in front of you.

Hazard: Makes players spin out on contact.

Ghost: Turn into a ghost and protect yourself from enemy Items for a short period.

Charging your team ultimate:

You charge your team ultimate by doing helpful deeds for your teammate such as Sending Item Boxes, Skimboosts, and Slingshots.

Using your team ultimate:

When the yellow bar is fully charged, tap Q to activate team ultimate!

Rated E: Fantasy Violence

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