By: Scraptap
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This is an unfinished prototype so, pretty unfinished but, if you still really want to play, WAD to control Camera Man (camera with legs the controls the screen camera), TFH to control Mario, IJL to control Frisk, SZC to control "Disguised Grass" (A joke character BTW), GVN to control Kirby (Kirby is unfinished BTW), and arrow keys to control Michael Bay and the list of characters will continue to expand. Also, you can play the Super Mario Bros. theme and Megolovania from Undertale while playing the game by temporarily editing the game and clicking the Music Blocks (I call them that) in the top left of the screen and clicking "Behaviors" and then connect "out" on the "Once" behavior to "play" on the "Sound" behavior. The Music Block that is the color of Mario plays the Super Mario Bros. theme and the one that's the color of Frisk plays Megolovania. Please, tell me if there's any bugs and if you do, thanks! Have fun playing my unfinished game! -Scraptap

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