Transformers: Flowlab Laser (WIP)


"Autobots roll out!" Play giant epic robot battles and protect the Allspark at all costs. This is an unofficial fangame made for fun. Transformers is owned by Takara-Tomy and Hasbro.


Currently the only levels that work fully are G1 Bumblebee and Optimus Prime levels. G1 Megatron's level needs to be finished in terms of level design, but at least he himself is fully operational. Michael Bay movie levels are coming soon.

Mobile Controls:

Use the joystick (left side of screen) to move and jump.

Press the Transform button (right side of screen) to switch between robot and vehicle modes.

Tap anywhere to aim & shoot.

Press the blaster button to unequip or equip your blaster without transforming.

PC Controls:

WASD or arrows to move.

Spacebar to transform.

Move mouse to aim, click anywhere to shoot.

Press Y to unequip your weapon and X to equip it again.

P to pause. ` (backtick) to restart whole game. Backspace to restart level.

Press G to hit the griddy (G1 Optimus Prime only right now)


Touch Energon cubes to drink Energon and restore your "health" (also called Energon).

Menu music by Guitar_Obsession

Megatron level music by DSTechnician from Pixabay