Bounce Jam Beta


This is the beta version of Bounce Jam. Maintained only for archival purposes.

Bounce Jam is a simple precision platformer game... Except you're ALWAYS jumping and ALWAYS moving!

The concept of Bounce Jam is simple: You play as BJ (Bounce Jam) the ball, and you must traverse abstractly-designed levels whilst always bouncing and constantly moving forward - The closest comparison is Geometry Dash, but you can control your speed and jump height.

"W" "Up arrow" or "Space" makes you jump higher

"S" "Down arrow" or "Control" makes you roll

"D" or "Right arrow" makes you go faster

"A" or "Left arrow" makes you go slower

"E" to pause

"/" forcefully resets the ball (Very useful against bugs)

There is also a built-in tutorial to help you get the hang of things.

The classic Bounce Jam thread:


- Rated 10/10 by edwardI!

- Rated 4/5 stars by Beenicheen Reviews!

- Rated 8.9/10 by LukeW!

- Rated 8.75/10 by Bored Reviews!

- Rated 3.9999999/4 by John Shrekinson’s Awkwardly Simple Reviews!

Rated E10 for: Medium to hard difficulty throughout (Rated by the BGAR!)

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