From the creator of A Boy in Armor
A Plymouth Interactive Fables game

Version 1.1


Press F for fullscreen
Use WAD keys or arrow keys to move and jump, click T.0.DD and other objects to get help. Click the box in top-right to delete all progress. Press R to restart game (this deletes saves). Press M to go back to the menu. Press C in the menu to go to credits (credits deletes saves). Press Enter to reset movable boxes. This game will continue to receive updates.

Embark on a journey through a deserted metal land as T.0.DD, a machine box who finds himself wondering who he is, and sets off to find where he came from - to find his creator. Will he find the truth? You must find out yourself.
As there may be more at play here...

(WARNING: This game will need to be run on a good computer/laptop for the best experience with HTML5. Enjoy!)

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Rated 9/10 in GrimReviewZ, Rated 9.5/10 in Ramshackle Reviews, Rated 10/10 in The Magma Manifesto, Rated 10/10 in Cthornock Productions' Game Reviews, Rated 4.3/5 in ViperTeck Reviews, Rated 4/5 in the Crigence Critique

"A total masterpiece" - Ramshackle Game Studios (Ramshackle Reviews)

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