Super Run (read description)

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Welcome to Super Run! You are taking the perspective of 3 characters (Billy, Bob, and Joe), who want to stop the evil Jeff in a spaceship. You all have to get to the portal of doom to destroy Jeff in the Space realm. There are three levels that do not make sense: 1. The Gold Realm. You have to avoid the lava that plagues the land and get to the finish line. Billy is slow and does not jump very high, so this level is fit for him. 2. The Volcano Realm. You must avoid the water. Bob is fireproof, so he can walk on the magma to get to the finish line. He is a high jumper and a slow runner. 3. The Chromium Realm. You must avoid the sparks.. Joe is very, very fast and agile and is the only one that can beat this level. In the final boss level, Billy, Bob and Joe jump into a spaceship to defeat the evil Jeff. You turn with < and >, and go forward with ^. You shoot Jeff with the spacebar. After you defeat him, there will be a "surprise" at the end of the game. Cheat codes: if you are bad at the game, you can usually use Q to cheat in the game. Have fun.

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