By: JJ4ever08
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Starter Update (1.1.0): Basic mining, tree

Starter Update (1.1.1): Added dirt

Starter Update (1.1.2): Added stone

Ore Update (1.2.0): Added ores, coal, iron, diamond

Ore Update (1.2.1): Pickaxes are added

Mob Update (1.3.0): Added pigs, not flipping when hitting wall

Mob Update (1.3.1): Pigs are removed

Mob Update (1.3.2): Pigs added again, fixed glitch

Mob Update (1.3.3): Riding pigs, pigs flip against player

Mob Update (1.3.4): Added dirt collision for pigs

Mob Update (1.3.5): Added stone and ore collision for pigs

Block Update (1.4.0): Block not mining fixed

Block Update (1.4.1): Replaced most of grass with flip blocks

Block Update (1.4.2): Added darkness underground

Block Update (1.4.3): Added bedrock

Enemy Update (1.5.0): Added creepers with basic AI

Structure Update (1.6.0): Nether portals have been added as a structure

Nether Update (1.7.0): Added Nether world

Nether Update (1.7.1): Added Nether ores, quartz

Nether Update (1.7.2): Added Nether Gold

Gold Update (1.8.0): Gold is added in overworld

Block Update Part II (1.9.0): Added mining in Nether

Structure Update Part II (1.10.0): Added End Portals

End Update (1.11.0): Added End dimension, crossing all dimensions

End Update (1.11.1): Replaced flip blocks with End Portal Frames

End Update (1.11.2): Added End dimension mining

Special Update (1.12.0): Added Special World accessible through Nether

Special Update (1.12.1): Able to enter Special World with key left and up, G

Block Update Part III (1.13.0): Added ladders that you can climb up

Block Update Part III (1.13.1): Removed ladders, too buggy

Special Update Part II (1.14.0): Removed special world

Texture Update (1.15.0): Updated pickaxe texture

Enemy Update Part II (1.16.0): Updated Creeper death sequence

Enemy Update Part II (1.16.1): Updated death respawn message

Ore Update Part II (1.17.0): Updated overworld ore textures

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