DRIVE alpha

By: JR01
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Welcome to Drive!
This was made in Flowlab Free Edition

You're in a need for speed, how long can you last?

This game can be completely controlled by keyboard or touch screen / mouse

Main Controls:

  • Home: H or Click / Tap the home button

  • Change Music: M or number key (1-8) or Click / Tap the treble clef

  • Game / Screen Music: N or Click / Tap the double 16th note

  • Mute: Hold Shift then press Z or Click / Tap the sound Icon

  • Restart Game: Hold Shift then Press R

Home Screen:

  • Start / Jump: Space Bar or Click / Tap

  • Shop: S or Click / Tap the garage button

  • Shadow: U or Click / Tap the Shadow button when NOT using the main character

  • Help: T or Click / Tap the ? icon when on the Home screen

  • Credits: C or Click / Tap the © icon

Game Screen:

  • Start / Jump: Space Bar or Click / Tap

  • Pause: P or Click / Tap the pause button

  • Restart: R or Click / Tap the circle button after pausing

Shop Screen:

  • Buy or Select: B or Click / Tap the purchase or select button

  • Change Character: Use the arrow keys or Click / Tap the arrows

Credit Screen:

  • Delete All progress: Hold Shift then D or Click / Tap the Trash Can button

Make Spacebar, W, or UpArrow as your primary jump!

  • Hold Shift then press one of the assigned buttons
  • You will here a sound if done successfully

  • Individual songs may need to load
  • Listen to your track while paused
  • Silence is a track

This vers Inspired by auto scrolling games like T-Rex Chrome

This game was the complete idea before moving the project to mobile. Please support the complete version of Drive Nero by playing the link here.



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