taile gamougg 2: The Rise of Gloob Glab


The sequel to taile gamougg

A new slimy, glob of a threat is rising. When will he strike? And can our skeletal hero and his shadowy ninja friend (Noob Saibot) stop him?

Touch the Brotherhood of Shadow blocks to summon Noob Saibot to help you! Find and equip alternate costumes by pressing various keys on the keyboard. Play the Anniversary Beta! https://flowlab.io/game/play/1860775


Arrow keys to move

\ to dash right, Ctrl to dash left

Enter to pause, O to enter full screen, ` to restart the entire game, and Backspace to restart the level.

F to enter Forge

B to play the Bonus levels.

X to pound the ground (mostly useless)

Spacebar + Arrow keys to dismount dragon

Right-click anywhere to make the dragon throw fireballs

M to mute audio

Experiment with letters and numbers on your keyboard to change your appearance! (only the default yellow is cannon, however)

The background reminds me of my parents' old custom paint job on their bedroom wall. The background was made by me on this site: https://www.pixilart.com/art/green-pattern-f7c105e3267785a